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02321.01.06 Adonis Golden Ratio Log In 01.04551.06 Adonis Golden Ratio System Free DownloadThese are exciting days at Dublin First Church of the Nazarene.

We are a Church with a mission: to build the kingdom of Christ (both locally and worldwide) accomplished through ministry to the various needs and interest of people, with the express purpose of winning the lost to Christ, and nurturing Christians towards godliness and holiness.


We are a Church with a rich history of cooperation and harmony.

We are a caring Church where everybody is somebody. Everyone who passes through our doors is considered one of us - even those who do not choose to become official members of our congregation.

We are a Church that is alive. Where a lot is happening.

We are a Church with a great future. A ten year study committee has provided us with goals and challenges (ministry goals as well as numerical goals).

We are glad you took the time to visit our web site and hope you consider joining us in worship.

God Bless